The first roaring twenty years

E.N.S. was born in 2002 but had already been in the mind of the four founding partners for quite some time.

In our name we concentrate what we produce and how we produce it: E.N.S. stands for “Elementi Normalizzati per Stampi” (which in Italian means Guide Elements for Moulds and Die sets).  That name was soon joined by “International”, a specification that tells a lot about our international goals and future horizons.

In twenty years, E.N.S. has acquired a company that manufactures standardized molds (ELNORM s.r.l.), increased its staff to 50 people and expanded its headquarters to 4,200 square meters. We have established and specialized in the production of high quality pillars and bushes to the point of becoming synonymous with them. We respond to the most specific needs of our customers with nonstandard products or with items already in stock with accuracy, short delivery times and dynamism.

This is the winning formula that every day makes us an international reference for production capacity, service, advanced technology and system quality.

First the material

E.N.S. is synonymous of  high quality raw materials with exceptional performance at every stage of processing: always available in stock, they can cope with orders with tight deadlines and fast deliveries.

We mainly use steel 1.7131 and 1.7139, reference materials for the pillars and bushes in our catalogue. Also available are steels such as 1.2344 – 1.2379 – C45 – C50 (and other hardened and tempered), bronze and other materials that we use for special components or products requested from our customers.

Among the possible treatments and coatings we produce are carburizing and hardening, induction hardened, full hardened, tenifer, gas nitriding, DLC coatings and disulfide coatings.

Looking for the right piece

We produce pillars and bushes for stamping, plastic and die-casting molds and we offer the possibility to brand the product in the catalog with customer codes and logos. At the same time, what makes us big are all demanding requests, and we love anything that isn’t standard.

We build products with any other material used to standardize for samples or for large orders. We are flexible, fast and responsive. We see our customers’ problems as an opportunity of growth: to respect the drawing and produce the right part.

Certified, qualified and secure

For us at E.N.S., quality is never just a label. We invest in qualified personnel, advanced technologies and quality controls that significantly reduce the error rate. Moreover, production is eco-friendly with a system that filters and recovers process water, optimizes consumption and limits waste.

The research of quality leads us to monitor the conditions of the working environment to ensure the greatest possible safety for our team. Last but not least, we guarantee the quality and origin of materials and treatments with certificates of conformity.

That perfect little world of 4200 square meters

At our factory only one rule applies: precision. Our products are stored in 13 automatic vertical warehouses for a total of over 6 thousand items ready for delivery. Our fleet of machines allows us to produce in-house almost all the items in the catalog and special components according to drawing in less than 10 working days.

The wide availability of our products makes us a reference brand for Italy and abroad, to which 40% of our production is destined (with markets such as Europe, North Africa and the Middle East). An availability which means reliability, competitiveness and immediate issuance of orders received the same day.

Looking to people to seek far

We believe that  people are those who make the projects. They are the ones behind experience, professionalism, support and transparency, they are the ones who tell the E.N.S. brand in the most effective way and propose it to new markets.

Our purpose for the future is to invest in human resources to expand the range of products, work on brand recognition and make our customers more aware of our know-how. Because we are certain: it is always the human component that makes the difference.


Foundation year

The beginning of everything: it’s the year of foundation of E.N.S. by 4 partners with a solid experience of 30 years in this field

We acquire the company ELNORM

Only 4 years after its foundation, we acquire the company ELNORM s.r.l., a manufacturer of standard components for moulds

Adding the “ISO” series

We add to the catalog the “ISO” series of components that refer to the ISO standard

Adding the “EURO” series

We add to our catalog the “EURO” series of components interchangeable with those of the major European manufacturers.

Adding the “AUTO” series

We add to the catalog the “AUTO” series of components manufactured according to the standards of the major car manufacturers.

Expand the production site

A new adventure begins: we expand the production site from 3000mq to 4200mq to ensure quality service and meet delivery deadlines

3D CAD publication of EURO, ISO and AUTO

A new exciting milestone for E.N.S.: the 3D CAD publication of EURO, ISO and AUTO products on Cadenas portal.


Our articles are produced in accordance with Italian and international standards such as DIN – ISO – AFNOR – MABEC – NAAMS – CNOMO.