ENS is 20 years old, born in 2002, but already long before in the minds of the 4 founding members, all coming from the sector of precision mechanical machining on standardized guide elements.
ENS Italian acronym for “Elementi Normalizzati per Stampi” (in English Normalized Elements for Molds), soon added “International” to confirm that in its DNA there are no territorial boundaries within which to operate.

Numerous events have characterized these twenty years, among the most significant: the acquisition of Elnorm, a company operating in the field of standardized for molds, the transfer of the production site in Villanuova sul Clisi to a factory of 4,500 square meters, and the continuous growth of the workforce which today counts on 60+ collaborators.
ENS has established itself as a specialized and highly qualified manufacturer of mold guides, becoming its synonym with an export share that exceeds 40%.

Whether they are standard or special products, ENS represents the forced choice of the most demanding customers.
Production capacity, flexibility, advanced technologies, quality and service are the ingredients of the winning formula that projects ENS towards new and increasingly ambitious goals.


ENS is synonymous with products made with high quality raw materials suitable for each specific and demanding application. A large warehouse of certified materials such as 1.7131, 1.7139, 1.2344, 1.2379, C45 and C50 steels, bronze and other special materials allows us to always guarantee the maximum speed of execution and delivery for maximum customer satisfaction.

Together with the large assortment of materials, certified heat treatments are also of fundamental importance to confer superior quality to ENS products. Among these we remember: Case hardened, Induction hardened, Tenifer, Gas nitriding. There is also the possibility to realize special coatings such as DLC coating.


ENS is characterized by a complete range of machine tools that allow it to carry out all the machining necessary to create standard and special guide columns and bushes for plastic, sheet metal and die-casting molds. This is a further guarantee of process control and product quality.
Customers’ requests for special components based on projects are always welcome and represent the daily challenge for the development of new production techniques that have always characterized “made in ENS”.


For ENS, quality is substance.
There are continuous investments in qualified personnel, advanced technologies and measuring instruments to always guarantee the highest quality and reliability of ENS products.

ENS is also Ecofriendly thanks to the installation of an automatic filtration and recovery system for processing liquids for a process characterized by minimal consumption and disposal.
ENS is also always particularly attentive to the quality of the production environment in which its most precious asset operates: its collaborators, where safety and healthiness are essential requirements for ENS.

That small world of 4500 m2

Turning centers, grinding centers, automations, heat treatments and automatic storage systems are adequately arranged within the ENS plant to ensure maximum flexibility, speed and quality of the processes.

6,000+ items always ready in stock and the possibility of customizing the products make ENS the obligatory choice for superior quality guidance.


Experience, professionalism, creativity, flexibility and transparency are the qualities of all the collaborators who work every day for the success of ENS.

Only people with high skills will be able to build the future of ENS, which is why people are always at the center of every project, this is the commitment undertaken by ENS towards its most precious asset: human resources.


Foundation year

The beginning of everything: it’s the year of foundation of E.N.S. by 4 partners with a solid experience of 30 years in this field

We acquire the company ELNORM

Only 4 years after its foundation, we acquire the company ELNORM s.r.l., a manufacturer of standard components for moulds

Adding the “ISO” series

We add to the catalog the “ISO” series of components that refer to the ISO standard

Adding the “EURO” series

We add to our catalog the “EURO” series of components interchangeable with those of the major European manufacturers.

Adding the “AUTO” series

We add to the catalog the “AUTO” series of components manufactured according to the standards of the major car manufacturers.

Expand the production site

A new adventure begins: we expand the production site from 3000mq to 4200mq to ensure quality service and meet delivery deadlines

3D CAD publication of EURO, ISO and AUTO

A new exciting milestone for E.N.S.: the 3D CAD publication of EURO, ISO and AUTO products on Cadenas portal.


The standard guide components in the catalog or made on customer request by ENS are produced in compliance with the most important standards such as: ISO – DIN – VDI – AFNOR – NAAMS.