Combine experience, technology and maximum flexibility and you have Custom products. This line reflects the spirit with which we were born: to find custom solutions in addition to those in stock and to realize the design provided by our customers just as they asked us. We love to say: "We create custom solutions where others offer standard solutions".

Masters of customization

We customize products with specific requests, turning critical issues into opportunities with an all-round service: for example, advice on the best material to use. The range of feasible diameters for bushes and pillars goes from a minimum of 10 mm up to 160 mm, with lengths varying accordingly (up to about 1500 mm).

Even the times are completely customized: once the drawing is transformed into a project ready for production, in about 10 working days we ship the finished product after rigorous testing.

Some examples of Custom ‘s products

A few samples of our Custom products. From drawing to project up to normalized element.